Technical Volunteers

We are always seeking to build the capacity of our community members on Maewo Island and Vanuatu at large!  Whenever we have needed support, we have found that there are many amazing people and organizations with the heart to help.  Below are the people or organizations helping us with capacity building and expertise where we need it.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact us; we’d love to hear from you!

Current Volunteers/Organizations:

Beth Hotchkiss is a volunteer blogger from the United States. She is writing on behalf of the Maewo Telecommunications Committee in order to free up time for grassroots organizers to build upon the progress they have made thus far in Vanuatu. As community members from Naviso more fully adopt the internet, Beth hopes to sustainably transition out of her blogging role and allow local voices to shine. For now, all her posts are approved by  Maewo Citizen and Chairman of MTC, Ezekiel Boelum, before they are posted online. In 2018 she will finish her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Afterward, she plans to continue her educational career before working in the international development sector.





Past Volunteers/Organizations: