MTC Committee Members

Ezekiel Boelum
Japin Ngwera
Vice Chairman
Lily Mana
Mike Boe
Vice Secretary
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Morris Sale
Franklyn Daniaro
Vice Treasurer
Cathriona Sakita
Public Relations Officer
Alexis Cullen
Grants and Fundraising Advisor
Browning Aru
Internet & Solar Technician

Pictured are the executive members of MTC.  There are, in total, 28 committee members.  They consist of at least 3 representatives from each village along the proposed network path.  The representatives consist of a woman, a chief, and a youth from each of the following communities: Naviso, Ngota, Gwatiawol, Rongnawo/Umlongo, Beterara, and Kerepei.  In addition, there are two representatives from Sulua School in Nasawa since they are also receiving communications infrastructure after being awarded a government grant for a computer school lab.  Every committee member is a volunteer, there are no paid positions or sitting fees for meetings.  Each person donates their time to better their community.

The names from each community are:

Naviso: Chief Francis, Chief Benat, Mike Boe, Cindy Tari, and Redley Boe

Ngota: Chief Moris Sale, Lilimae Boe, Morrison Leo

Gwatiawol: Chief Japin Aru, Ostel Boe, Frank Daniaro, Marta Voi

Rongnawo/Umlongo: Chief Wilfred Sale, Jendria Ure, Philip Lingi

Beterara: High Chief Rasa Ure, Chief Bete Ala, Nanu Bani, Lili Mana, Solange Boe

Kerepei: Chief Jimilton Fresa, Joyce Madlin, John Gritón, Editan Garu

Sulua School Representatives: Thomas Boevoso, Lensay Garae