We are currently designing a crowd funding website which should be live before the end of May.  Everything we do is transparent, so if you are interested in receiving our newsletter with updates on our activities, please send an email to maewotelecom at gmail dot com with the subject line “subscribe”  Thank you!! – MTC Committee

Translated into Bislama, Vanuatu’s national language:

Mifala stap mekem wan “crowd funding website” wea hemi sud finis befo en blong Mae.  Everi samting mifala ol komiti i mekem, mifala serem ol save long hem.  Sapos yu wantem save moa, yu save askem blong mifala sendedem email long yu. Jas sendem email long maewotelecom at gmail dot com mo raet “subscribe” long sabjek laen.  Tank yu!! – MTC Komiti